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November 7, 2016 to November 18, 2016

Turning Paris Agreement into action

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At the Marrakech Climate Change Conference - November 2016 (7-18 November), nations of the world continued their work on strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, with the central focus placed on enhancing ambition, promoting implementation and providing support.

Marrakech also marked a turning point, with the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement having entered into force n November 4. 

As a financial mechanism for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) was called upon to serve the Paris Agreement and to help the countries deliver on their climate change commitments.

In particular, the GEF was requested to consider how to support developing countries in formulating policies, strategies, and programs and projects to implement activities that advance priorities identified in their respective climate action plans, or INDCs, in a manner consistent with the operational policies and guidelines of the GEF, starting in 2016.

In the report to the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties  (COP 22) to the UNFCCC, the GEF presents its achievements as well as initiatives relating to Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency, the Technical Review of the Program Priorities of the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), integrated approaches and innovations in blended finance, and the results of its support for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Implementing the Paris Agreement: What do countries need from the Financial Mechanism?
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