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Focal Point List


Mr. Patrick Ocailap

Operational Focal Point since 2013-05-28
Political Focal Point since 2013-05-28
Acting Deputy Secretary to the Treasury
Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
P.O. Box 8147
Tel: +256 414 232 317, + 256 414 707 106
Fax: 011 256 414 343 023
Email: Patrick.ocailap at finance.go.ug


Ms. Iryna Stavchuk

Political Focal Point since 2020-09-04
Deputy Minister of Regional and European Integration Department
Ministry of the Environment
35 Mytropolyta Vasylya Lypkivskogo Str.
Kyiv 03035
Tel: +38 044 206 31 05
Email: stavchuk(a t )mepr.gov.ua

Ms. Olena Miskun

Operational Focal Point since 2020-11-25
Director of the Department on Strategic Planning and International Cooperation
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine
35, Vasylia Lypkivskoho
Kyiv 03035
Tel: +38 044 206 31 11
Email: amiskun(A T)gmail.com; miskun(A T)mepr.gov.ua

United Kingdom

Mr. Ben Green

Council Member for the constituency of United Kingdom since 2019-05-02, Donor Participants (Replinishment)
Senior Responsible Officer for GEF
Foreign Commonwealth & Develpment Office (FCDO)
Abercrombie House, Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride
Glasgow, Scotland G758EA
United Kingdom
Tel: +07990 783968
Email: ben.green1(at)fcdo.gov.uk; c-oneil(at)dfid.gov.uk; colette.oneil(at)fcdo.gov.uk; e-brookes(at)dfid.gov.uk; s-leigh(at)dfid.gov.uk

United States

Mr. Mathew Haarsager

Council Member for the constituency of United States since 2018-09-19, Political Focal Point
Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Development Finance and Policy
U.S. Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20220
United States
Email: mathew.haarsager(AT) treasury.gov; james.woodsome2(AT) treasury.gov; nicholas.haeg(AT) treasury.gov; nicholas.strychacz(AT) treasury.gov


Mr. Manuel Etchevarren

Political Focal Point since 2021-07-01
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Director of Environment
Colonia 1206, 2nd Floor
Montevideo 11100
Tel: +598 2902 9468
Email: medio.ambiente(AT) mrree.gub.uy; matias.paolino(AT) mrree.gub.uy

Mr. Eduardo Alejandro Andres Lopez

Operational Focal Point since 2020-04-14
National Director of Environment
Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment
Galicia 1131, Piso 1
Montevideo 11100
Tel: +598 2917 0710, Ext. 4551-4555-4558
Email: secretariadinama at mvotma.gub.uy; Judith.torres at mvotma.gub.uy


Mr. Maksudov Alisher Irkinovich

Political Focal Point since 2021-01-20
The State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2A, Tuytepa Street
Tashkent 100047
Tel: +998 71 207 70 ext.1001#
Email: a.maksudov(a t )eco.gov.uz; info(a t )uznature.uz

Mr. Jakhongir Talipov

Operational Focal Point since 2019-09-06
Chief Specialist, International Cooperation and Projects Department
The State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2a, Tuytepa Street
Tashkent 100047
Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel: +998 71 207 0770 ext. 7010#
Email: jakhongirtalipov[a t ]gmail.com