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Focal Point List


Mr. Ammar Al-Aulaqi

Council Member for the constituency of Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen since 2019-10-28, Operational Focal Point
Operational Focal Point since 2019-10-28
Chairman, EPA
Environment Protection Authority
St. 90 Aden
Republic of Yemen
Tel: +967 2207287
Fax: +967 2207287
Email: ammar.aulaqi at gmail.com; info at epa-ye.org

Mr. Taofeq Al-Sharjbe

Political Focal Point since 2019-10-28
Acting Minister
Ministry of Water and Environment
Aden-Ministry of Water and Environment, Khormakser, 22 villa
Republic of Yemen
Tel: 967224371
Fax: 967224371
Email: tawfeeq0009(at)gmail.com; mwe(at)mwe-ye.org