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Monitoring Results

All projects are asked to report on two of the proposed indicators associated with the strategic priority (or objective) associated with the project. 

The PIR Report should include data on the project’s targets for this indicator and the project’s achievements in this dimension to the date of the PIR.  The set of indicators has been developed such that two indicators are proposed per strategic program (SP) under GEF-4.

As no GEF-4 projects are yet under implementation, we are also testing how these indicators can be used to measure results from previous GEF periods. An approach to fitting and retrofitting the GEF-4 indicators to projects prepared in accordance with GEF-3 strategic priorities is provided below. 

For projects dating from earlier GEF periods, the project team is asked to determine through self-assessment whether the proposed indicators can be fitted to the project under consideration.  Qualitative feedback on the use of the indicators is also appreciated.  Although we realize that retrofitting these indicators to older projects is a perilous task, we would encourage task managers and project team leaders to try and do so in order to give us a wider basis for portfolio reporting.


Evaluations and Assessment