CPE: Philippines (1992 - 2007)

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Country Portfolio Evaluation Report

The Philippines is one of the largest recipients of GEF support, with allocations in both climate change and biodiversity, and a well-established GEF Small Grants Programme. The environment sector is an essential part of the country's sustainable development agenda.



  • GEF support has been relevant to both national development plans and priorities and the GEF mandate. The support has produced global environmental benefits.
  • Lack of compliance and declining environmental trends endanger all these benefits.
  • There are several inefficiencies related to the GEF portfolio, having to do with quality of data and procedural transparency.
  • The Operational Focal Point has not been institutionalized within the GEF Agencies; this and the appointment of a succession of different Focal Points pose challenges for the interactions between the GEF and the Philippines.



  • The GEF should develop mechanisms and procedures for working with large recipients of GEF support.


GEF Council decision

  • The Council asked the Secretariat to prepare a proposal for improving country-level coordination and programming.
  • The Council asked the Secretariat to ensure transparency and improved access to information on GEF procedures and project progress.


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