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Direct Access for Enabling Activities (NPFE & Convention Reports)

Based on a recommendation made by the participants to the Fifth Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund, on July 2010, the GEF Council approved the "Policies and Procedures for the Execution of Selected GEF Activities - National Portfolio Formulation Exercise and Convention Reports - with Direct Access by Recipient Countries" (GEF/C.38/06/Rev.1).

The paper outlines the operational procedures for two new GEF initiatives with the GEF providing resources directly to the countries. The following two initiatives are both on a voluntary basis where countries can opt to access GEF resources directly from the GEF Secretariat for the preparation of the reports described below. For the Convention Reports, countries can alternatively opt to use the existing procedures for accessing GEF resources through a GEF Agency:

  1. National Portfolio Formulation Exercises (NPFEs)
  2. Convention Reports that are undertaken as obligations of the countries to the conventions. 

How to apply 

National Portfolio Formulation Exercises (NPFE)
All recipient countries can access GEF resources, up to $30,000, to undertake, on a voluntary basis, GEF National Portfolio Formulation Exercises. These will serve as a priority setting tool for countries and as a guide for GEF Agencies as they assist recipient countries. Undertaking a NPFE is not a requirement or pre-requisite for requesting GEF grants.  >> Read more information and download the template


Direct Access for Enabling Activities to prepare Convention Reports
GEF grants to finance such reports have in the past ranged from $200,000 to $500,000, with a few exceptions. For countries that opt to apply for grants from the GEF Secretariat, a national entity must submit a proposal to the GEF Secretariat, which will enter into a grant agreement with the designated national entity in the recipient country for the provision of resources for the preparation of the Convention Report. The final output of this exercise will be a Convention Report that the country will submit to the relevant convention.

>> Select the relevant Convention for more information and download the templates: