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The GEF and the Private Sector

The GEF is expanding engagement with the private sector. The current GEF CEO Vision Statement makes clear that in order to bring transformational change to the global environment, the public and private sectors must identify new ways of working together. Private sector engagement is also a priority in the current funding cycle in GEF-6. As part of its GEF-6 Replenishment and GEF 2020 Strategic Planning, the GEF is actively proving engagement with the private sector.

The GEF has a long history of private sector engagement with a number of successful projects. The experiences of the GEF and its Agencies to engage private sector partners and catalyze private sector investment have been proven successful using five different interventions to promote innovative approaches. Moving forward, the GEF aims to expand private sector investment and commitment to environmental solutions across GEF’s focal areas and initiatives.

Built on the lessons learned, GEF-6 is undertaking a more holistic and comprehensive approach by mainstreaming private sector engagement across GEF focal area strategies and integrated approach pilots. Specifically, the focal area strategies identify potential opportunities to enhance private sector engagement; the integrated approach pilots also emphasize and explicitly include private sector engagement. In addition, a new Non-Grant Pilot Program will support innovative financing models.

GEF's Experience with Private Sector   GEF-5 and the Earth Fund    Working with the GEF   Global Cleantech Innovation Programme

Learn about the GEF's proven ability to provide grant funding targeted to enabling policy support, incremental finance for risk reduction, support alliances, and provide technical assistance to address systemic barriers to private sector investment. Read more


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The GEF-UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Programme aims to encourage innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through a competition and incubation pilot, building on the success of the South Africa Clean Tech Open held in November 2011 at COP17. Read more


Working with the GEF

The GEF has been expanding its private sector engagement and your interest is welcome. 

If you are a commercial, for-profit business and are interested in learning about ways you can partner with the GEF we detail a number of ways we can engage below.

The first step is to contact the GEF Focal Points in your country (listed here). Focal Points will be knowledgeable about possible opportunities with GEF funded projects (through the GEF Partner Agencies) in your country.

If you are interested in the Non-Grant Instrument, specifically, please refer to our dedicated page that includes GEF Agencies contacts here.

Note that the GEF, as an international organization, works with national governments and partner agencies (multilateral financial institutions and a few non-governmental organizations). The GEF Partner Agencies are listed here. GEF Partner Agencies will make proposals for specific projects with private sector partners and national governments.

More details about the way we work here.  

For further information contact: David E. Rodgers, Senior Climate Change Specialist,, Tel. +1 202-458-9869