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Performance Evaluations

GEF Evaluation Office - Performnce EvaluationsPerformance evaluations in the GEF assess the internal dynamics of participating organizations, instruments, mechanisms, and management practices. They include evaluations of institutional and procedural issues across GEF focal areas and assessments of experience with GEF strategies and policies, criteria and procedures.

Mid-term Evaluations are requested by the GEF Council to the Evaluation Office to assess the quality of design and implementation of GEF initiatives focused on resources.

Annual Performance Reports (APRs) aims to provide the GEF Council, other GEF partners, and stakeholders with feedback for ongoing improvement of the portfolio as well as the quality of project monitoring and evaluation across the portfolio.

Management Action Records (MARs) tracks the level of adoption by GEF Secretariat and GEF Agencies of decisions made by the GEF Council on the basis of GEF IEO recommendations. The MAR serves two purposes: “to provide Council with a record of its decision on the follow - up of evaluation reports, the proposed management actions, and the actual status of these actions; and to increase the accountability of GEF management regarding Council decisions on monitoring and evaluation issues.”