Biodiversity Publications

Title Keywords Download in Publication Date
Combatting Illegal Wildlife Trade 2015 Illegal, poaching, Wildlife English September, 2015
Poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade Crisis: The GEF response Biodiversity, Program 3, Wildlife English October, 2014
Building Capacity to Implement the Nagoya Protocol: A Review of GEF Support ABS, Nagoya Protocol English October, 2014
The GEF-6 Biodiversity Strategy Focal Area Strategy GEF 6, GEF 6, strategy English August, 2014
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Practice - A STAP Advisory Document Biodiversity, Mainstreaming Biodiversity, STAP English January, 2014
Payment for Ecosystem Services Payment Ecosystem Services English January, 2013
Impact of Marine Debris on Biodiversity: Current Status and Potential Solutions Marine Environment, STAP English October, 2012
Marine Spatial Planning in the Context of the Convention on Biological Diversity: A Study Carried out in Response to CBD COP 10 Decision X/29 CBD, Marine Environment, STAP English October, 2012
Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), CBD, Nagoya Protocol Spanish
September, 2012
Financing the Achievement of the Aichi Targets Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), Aichi Targets, CBD English September, 2012
Addo Elephant National Park COP17, Protected Areas English November, 2011
Partnership for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development CAPE, Conservation, Ecosystems, South Africa English November, 2011
State of Biodiversity Markets 2011 Update
2010 Report
July, 2011
Defying Extinction - Partnerships to safeguard global biodiversity English December, 2010
Communities Contributing to Biodiversity Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Small Grants Programme English October, 2010
Biodiversity Conservation in West and Central Africa Biodiversity French
September, 2010
Payment for Ecosystem Services English September, 2010
Save Our Species - www.SOSpecies.org English
March, 2010
GEF Biodiversity Fact Sheet Communications, Focal Areas French
Japanese (v. 2007)
June, 2009
Financing the Stewardship of Global Biodiversity English
CDB COP10 Special Edition, September 2010
August, 2008
Indigenous Communities and Biodiversity English
August, 2008
Biodiversity Matters: GEF's Contribution to Preserving and Sustaining the Natural Systems that Shape our Lives Biodiversity English May, 2002
GEF-6 Biodiversity Strategy Focal Area Strategy GEF 6 English