Latest Approved Project(s) for GEF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
9333TajikistanEAFirst Biennial Update Report and Fourth National Communication under the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Approved2016-02-03
9350ParaguayEADevelopment of National Action Plans for Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining in ParaguayChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-02-03
5271GlobalFPGlobal Sustainable Supply Chains for Marine CommoditiesInternational WatersCEO Endorsed2016-01-21
5137IndiaFPMainstreaming Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Utilization in Agricultural Sector to Ensure Ecosystem Services and Reduce VulnerabilityBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2016-01-20
9335UgandaMSPStrengthening Institutional Capacity for Effective Implementation of Rio Conventions in UgandaMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2016-01-20
9171GhanaEAEnabling Preparation of Ghana's Fourth National Communication (NC4) and Second Biennial Update Report (BUR2) to UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Approved2016-01-15
5673SudanFPPromoting the Use of Electric Water Pumps for Irrigation Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-01-14
5704South AfricaFPPromoting Organic Waste-to-Energy and other Low-carbon Technologies in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMMEs): Accelarating Biogas Market DevelopmentClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-01-14
5841ColombiaMSPNAMA Pilot Implementation of Technology Transfer Projects in the Industrial Sector of the Cundinamarca-Bogotá RegionClimate ChangeCEO Approved2016-01-14
9289AlbaniaMSPEnhancing Financial Sustainability of the Protected Area System BiodiversityCEO Approved2016-01-14
5424CongoMSPSmall Hydropower-based Mini-grids for Rural ElectrificationClimate ChangeCEO Approved2016-01-13
5401RegionalFPEstablishment and Operation of a Regional System of Fisheries Refugia in the South China Sea and Gulf of ThailandInternational WatersCEO Endorsed2016-01-12
5755BoliviaFPSustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Amazonia by Indigenous and Local Communities to Generate Multiple Environmental and Social BenefitsMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2016-01-12
9308RegionalEAMinamata Convention: Initial Assessment in Cabo Verde and Sao Tome and PrincipeChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-01-12
9346Sri LankaEAMinamata Convention: Initial Assessment in Sri LankaChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-01-12
9349SurinameEAMinamata Initial Assessment for Suriname Chemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-01-12
9351HondurasEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment and National Action Plan for Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining in HondurasChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-01-12
9353GuatemalaEAMinamata Convention: Initial Assessment in Guatemala Chemicals and WasteCEO Approved2016-01-12
9314ComorosMSPStrengthening of multisector and decentralised environmental management and coordination to achieve the objectives of the Rio Conventions in the Union of ComorosMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2016-01-07
9319CubaMSPIntegrating Rio Global Environmental Commitments into National Priorities and Needs through the Improvement of Information Management and Knowledge for Planning and Decision Making. Multi Focal AreaPPG Approved2016-01-07
4865ChinaFPExpansion and Improvement of Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Greater Shennongjia Area, Hubei ProvinceBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2015-12-24
9345SudanEAMinamata Convention: Initial assessment in the Republic of SudanChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2015-12-24
4927IndiaFPFacility for Low Carbon Technology DeploymentClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-12-23
5835GlobalMSPSatellite Monitoring for Forest ManagementClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-12-21
9146Lao PDRMSPVientiane Sustainable Urban Transport ProjectClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-12-21
5367CameroonFPPCB Reduction In Cameroon Through The Use Of Local Expertise And The Development Of National Capacities POPsCEO Endorsed2015-12-17
5660PakistanFPSustainable Forest Management to Secure Multiple Benefits in High Conservation Value ForestsMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-12-17
5732TurkeyFPSustainable Energy Financing Mechanism for Solar PV in Forest Villages in TurkeyClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-12-17
5749El SalvadorFPConservation, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, and Maintenance of Ecosystem Services in Protected Wetlands of International ImportanceBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2015-12-17
9174DjiboutiEADevelopment of a Minamata Initial Assessment in DjiboutiChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2015-12-17
9307MauritaniaEAEnabling activities to review and update the national implementation plan for the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs)Chemicals and WasteCEO Approved2015-12-17