Latest Approved Project(s) for LDCF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
5671Timor LesteFPBuilding Shoreline Resilience of Timor Leste to Protect Local Communities and their LivelihoodsClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-04-18
5636BangladeshFPCommunity-based Climate Resilient Fisheries and Aquaculture Development in BangladeshClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-04-13
5230AngolaFPAddressing Urgent Coastal Adaptation Needs and Capacity Gaps in AngolaClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-04-08
5382GuineaFPEcosystem-Based Adaptation Targeting Vulnerable Communities of the Upper Guinea RegionClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2016-03-03