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Future of the GEF: At 21 years and counting

By Dr. Naoko Ishii

"I aim to make the GEF a coalition of partners greater than the sum of its parts."

This latest issue of the Global Environment Facility's Greenline newsletter exemplifies the scope and breadth of expertise resident in this organization dedicated to the betterment of the global environment. This depth of experience at the GEF is one of the reasons why I am so energized to be joining the organization as CEO and Chairperson.... Full Article>>

Sketch of GEF climate change projects in FY 2012
GEF Long-Term Program on Technology Transfer Advances a Key Tool in Addressing Climate Change
The Montreal Protocol: Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Most Successful Global Environment Agreement

Clean Energy Makes News at Rio+20

Preparation, Adaptation and Awareness: Kiribati’s Climate Challenge

Investing in demand response and smart grid: A case study of GEF project in China

From the GEF Evaluation Office

Do you like eating #caviar?
Too much of it would drain
the #sturgeon species in #Azerbaijan! 


DID YOU KNOW that Metrobus sustainable transit project in Mexico City won an award and was the first to receive actual payments for emission reductions through carbon funds? Read more...
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Latest Publications

From Rio to Rio - A 20-Year Journey to Green the World's Economies
This book provides a succinct, readable, and engaging narrative and analysis of the 20 year history of GEF projects. While the Rio +20 conference provided the initial rationale for the book, it is intended to have lasting value for anyone interested in issues about the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Mercury and the GEF
The GEF has a long standing commitment to the elimination of global contaminants, including mercury, which dates back to 1995 when the GEF Council recognized the need for action on mercury. In recent years the GEF has taken a significant step towards addressing global mercury pollution.

The numbers tell a story: 21 years, $10.5 billion invested directly, $51 billion in cofinancing, and over 2,700 projects in more than 165 countries. Together, these numbers make us the world’s leading public financial fund investing in the joint management, care, and restoration of our planet.

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