Improved access to data and information can help achieve SDGs

The Eye on Earth Summit 2015 has concluded in Abu Dhabi with a commitment to help the global community meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), improving the availability of, and access to, data and information.

Promoting an integrated approach to chemicals management

Countries commit to step up action to safeguard people and the environment from the risk posed by inadequately managed chemicals.

Investing in Sustainable Cities

Cities are increasingly recognized as key drivers of sustainable development. Investing in urban sustainability is central to the success of the SDGs.

A Fresh Start for the Planet

Global environment is at the core of an ambitious sustainable development agenda to end poverty and promote prosperity by 2030.

Linking Communities to the Global Market for Traditional Knowledge Conservation

Engaging local communities and preserving their traditional knowledge of plants helps conservation and sustainable use of Bhutan's rich bio and genetic resources.