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International Waters Publications

Title Download in Publication Date
Scaling up Community Actions for International Waters Management English May, 2016
From Coast to Coast - Celebrating 20 years of Transboundary Management of our Shared Oceans English December, 2015
From Community to Cabinet English 2015 January, 2015
International Waters - Delivering Results English June, 2013
Catalysing Ocean Finance Volume II: Methodologies and Case Studies
Volume I: Transforming Markets to Restore and Protect the Global Ocean
December, 2012
GEF IW Synthesis Report: Science-Policy Bridges over Troubled Waters LMEs and Open Ocean Analysis
LMEs and Open Ocean Synopsis
Land-based Pollution Sources Analysis
Land-based Pollution Sources Synopsis
River Basins Analysis
River Basins Synopsis
Lakes Analysis
Lakes Synopsis
Groundwater Synopsis
Groundwater Analysis
GEF IW Synthesis Report
September, 2012
From Rio to Rio - A 20-Year Journey to Green the World's Economies English (2014)
French (2012)
Spanish (2012)
May, 2012
Contributing to Global Security English
English 2015
March, 2012
Experiences from SGP: Protecting International Waters English May, 2010
GEF International Waters Fact Sheet French
Japanese (v. 2007)
June, 2009
From Ridge to Reef; Water, Environment and Community Security English
English 2015
April, 2009
GEF Engagement in the Mediterranean Region Arabic
November, 2008
Keeping the Promise on Water: GEF's Contributions to Sustaining Our Planet's Ecosystems (2003) English March, 2003