GEF Assembly 04

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Working Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda (GEF/ A.4/1/Rev.1)
GEF/A.4/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda
GEF/A.4/3 Report of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel to the Fourth GEF Assembly
GEF/A.4/4 Fourth Overall Performance Study of the GEF
GEF/A.4/6 GEF-4 Funding Retrospective
GEF/A.4/7 Summary of Negotiations - Fifth Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund
GEF/A.4/8 Note on Credentials
GEF/A.4/9 Proposed Amendments to the Instruments
Conference Room Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/CRP.1/Rev.1 Summary of Roundtables
Information Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/Inf.1/Rev.3 Provisional List of Documents
GEF/A.4/Inf.2 Round Table Discussions
GEF/A.4/Inf.3 Provisional Order of Speakers for Agenda Item 8 - Statements on Behalf of GEF Constituencies
GEF/A.4/Inf.4 Participation in the Roundtables
Miscelleanous Papers
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/Misc.1 Report on Credentials (Report of the Bureau)
Assembly Statements
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/Statement/1 Statements-France
GEF/A.4/Statement/10 Constituency Statement - Sweden, Finland, Estonia
GEF/A.4/Statement/11 Statement - New Zealand
GEF/A.4/Statement/12 Statement of Constituency of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen
GEF/A.4/Statement/13 Statement- Pakistan
GEF/A.4/Statement/14 Statement- Cook Islands
GEF/A.4/Statement/15 Statement- UNFCCC
GEF/A.4/Statement/16 Statement - United Kingdom
GEF/A.4/Statement/2 Statement-Italy
GEF/A.4/Statement/3 Statement-Czech Republic
GEF/A.4/Statement/4 Statement-World Bank
GEF/A.4/Statement/5 Statement-Evaluation Office
GEF/A.4/Statement/6 Statement-Niger
GEF/A.4/Statement/7 Statement-Namibia
GEF/A.4/Statement/8 Statement-Iraq
GEF/A.4/Statement/9 Constituency Statement - Australia, Republic of Korea, New Zealand
Joint Summary
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/A.4/Summary Chair’s Summary of the Fourth GEF Assembly