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National Capacity Self Assessment (NCSA)

NCSAs were country-driven enabling activities that catalyzed a systematic and crosscutting analysis of individual, organizational and systemic capacities. The primary objective of these assessments was to determine the challenges of countries’ underlying capacities to meet their global environmental commitments, particularly commitments that are framed by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought (UNCCD), and the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Countries received USD 200,000 to carry out their NCSAs and the first NCSAs began in 2002 with funding from the GEF.
According to the evaluation of this initiative , as of June 2011, GEF extended grants to 153 countries out of 166 GEF eligible countries to implement NCSAs; 146 NCSAs were completed or nearly completed; 6 were canceled and one was not approved.

A synthesis of the results and lessons learned of the NCSAs (conducted in 2010 and presented in the NCSA Synthesis Report) indicated that the top five capacity development needs were:

- public awareness and education;
- information management and sharing;
- policy, legislative, and regulatory framework;
- organizational mandates and structures;
- economic and financial sustainability.

Country NCSA Status NCSA Reports
Afghanistan NCSA Completed
Antigua & Barbuda NCSA Completed
Albania NCSA Completed
Armenia NCSA Completed
Argentina NCSA Inception
Azerbaijan NCSA Completed
Bosnia and Herzegovina NCSA Inception
Barbados NCSA Inception
Bangladesh NCSA Completed
Burkina Faso NCSA Completed
Bulgaria NCSA Completed
Burundi NCSA Completed
Benin NCSA Completed
Bolivia NCSA Completed
Brazil NCSA Not started
Bahamas NCSA Completed
Bhutan NCSA Completed
Botswana NCSA Inception
Belarus NCSA Completed
Belize NCSA Completed
Central African Republic NCSA Completed
Congo, Republic of NCSA Stocktaking
Cote d'Ivoire NCSA Action Plan
Cook Islands NCSA Completed
Chile NCSA Completed