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Central Africa GEF Constituency Meeting 2012

Douala, Cameroon - 25 October 2012. Representatives of the Central Africa Constituency are meeting in Douala, Cameroon for 2 days, 25-26th October, to discuss the Agenda for the next Council meeting to be held in Washington from 13-15 November.

These meetings also provide an opportunity to share information and obtain feedback on issues on the Council’s agenda, to review country and constituency coordination issues, to enhance communication and outreach efforts, to decide upon constituency governance issues, such as the order in which countries will assume Council Member and Alternate seats (rotation agreements), and discuss implementation of GEF projects and share lessons learned.


They are from left to right : Nestor Nikobagomba from Burundi, Jean Muneng Ilunga of DRC, Santiago Francisco Osono of Guinea Equatorial, Gustave Doungoube of Central African Republic, Susan Waithaka from the GEF Secretariat, Gregoire Nkeoua of Congo and the Council Member, Justin Nantchou Ngoko of Cameroon, Jospeh Gangongo of Congo and Laurenco Monteirode Jesus of Sao tome and Principe