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World Food Day

In celebration of "World Food Day" today, the GEF wants to reiterate the importance of ecosystem services in food production. 

If you are interested to learn how the GEF is helping to reinforce this approach, the easiest way is to flip through our recent synthesis of GEF investments over two decades.

For example, did you know that during the period 1992-2012......

· 192 approved GEF projects and programs had direct links to agriculture, fisheries and adaptation for food security, accounting for a total GEF financing of US$1.08 billion and an additional US$6.34 billion in co-financing?

· The International Waters focal area was the largest single focal area funding for these projects, with US$289.09 million (27%) of total GEF grants, followed by Biodiversity (US$143.9 million) and Land Degradation (US$104.7 million) stand-alone focal area projects?

· The Climate Change - Adaptation financing was US$257.4 million (24%), including Least Developed Countries Fund, Special Climate Change Fund and the Special Program on Adaptation?

· The GEF grant was highest for Africa (US$277.1 million or 25%) of the total grant, followed by Asia (US$195.9 million or 18%), Latin America & the Caribbean (US$110.2 million or 10%), and Eastern & Central Asia (US$92.5 million or 9%). 

· A total of US$312.5 million was invested through 25 regional or multi-country projects targeting specific ecoregions, with 12 in Africa region, six in Asia, five in LAC and two in the ECA region?


Check out these and other interesting highlights contained in "FOOD: Two Decades of Experience".

Then stay tuned for the exciting new Signature Program on "fostering sustainability and resilience for food production in Africa," that is under development for GEF-6.


Enjoy your day, and do not forget all those around the globe who will go hungry tonight because they have no access to food.