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Fifth GEF Assembly and Associated Meetings


The Fifth GEF Assembly and Associated Meetings will be hosted by the Government of Mexico in Cancun the week of May 25, 2014.

The Assembly is the only governing body of the GEF in which representatives of all 183 member countries meet every three to four years, and is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the GEF’s general policies, the operation of the GEF, and its membership.  The Assembly is also responsible for considering and approving proposed amendments to the Instrument.  

The Assembly will combine plenary and high-level panels, exhibits, side events and GEF project site visits. 

Prominent environmentalists, parliamentarians, business leaders, scientists, and NGO leaders will discuss global environmental challenges within the context of sustainable development and other international development goals. 

The GEF is extremely pleased to be hosting the Assembly in Mexico.  This will not only enable the GEF to showcase the progress of global environmental activities in the region, but also provide an opportunity for delegates to visit some of the successful GEF projects in Mexico.


Documents of the Fifth GEF Assembly

Cancun, Moon Palace

Fifth Assembly Side Event

Sunday, May 25, 2014
The Mesoamerican Reef: Joining Forces to Protect the World's Largest Transboundary Barrier Reef System
Global Forest & Natural Capital Legislation Initiative
Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains
Water and Cities: Integrating Sustainable Development in GEF Projects
The Fifth Overall Performance Study (OPS5) of the GEF
The 5th IPCC Assessment Report and Implications for the GEF Programme
Strengthening the implementation of ABS regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean
Scaling up Sustainable Transport Together
Bodele Phenomenon, Chad: Connector Across Multiple Climate and Ecosystem Processes
Monday, May 26, 2014
Progress on the implementation of the National Strategy on Invasive Species in Mexico (GEF Projects)
Ecosystem Services Tools and Lessons in Rural Communities for Mainstreaming Biodiversity
Low-Hanging Fruit: How Promoting Efficient Lighting and Appliances Saves Money and Reduces Emissions
Short-Lived Climate Pollutants: Challenge and Opportunity
Preventing the Extinction of Known Threatened Species by Addressing Poaching and Illegal Trade
Promoting Finance Instruments for Biodiversity Conservation though Biotrade in the Andean Region
Global Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Program
GEF's Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
Partnerships to Scale Up Innovative Community Approaches
Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation in the 21st Century: Mainstreaming Biodiversity, Sustainable Development, and Global Environmental Benefits
Mexican Federal Programs on Energy Efficiency
LDC Experiences on Working Towards Greater Food Security in a Changing Climate: Sharing Lessons and looking Forward
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Towards Gender Equality
Climate Finance: How GEF's Agency Partners Put Climate Finance to Work
Private Sector: Engagement for Innovation and Job Growth
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Program
Rebuilding Global Fisheries under the Post-2015 Agenda
Challenges and opportunities in the transition to a green economy, Mexico's case study
Parks in the 21st Century
Delivering Global Environment Benefits for Sustainable Development
Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste as Part of the Future we want
Strategic Partnerships
Effective Climate Finance and Development: Challenges, Priorities and Ways forward in the Post-2015 Era
Mexican Fund for Nature Conservation
Sharing Knowledge for the Global Environment
Climate Change and Food Security-Perspectives from GEF Agencies
Meet the New Project Agencies
Global Forest Watch
Green Economy and Adaptation in Rural Production Models Supported by the GEF in Latin America
The GEF Adaptation Program and Beyond: Exploring Lessons and Pathways to Scale
Mobilizing Biodiversity Finance: Challenges and Opportunities
Climate Change and Technology
GEF's investment in consolidating and strenghtening Mexico's Protected Area System: a success story
Sustainable Forest Management