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Detail of GEF Project #1744

GEF Project ID1744
Funding SourceGEF Trust Fund
Project NameAssessment of Capacity Building Needs and Country-specific Priorities in Biodiversity Including Clearing House Mechanism (add on)
RegionAsia and the Pacific
Focal AreaBiodiversity
Operational ProgramEA
Approval Date2002-08-19
GEF Agency Approval Date1999-08-10
Project StatusIA Approved
Executing AgencyMinistry of Environment & Social Development (MESD)
DescriptionTo assist the Government of Kiribati in assessing capacity building needs for specific priorities necessary to protect national biodiversity in accordance with the NBSAP recommendations and the GEF and CoP/CBD guidelines, and to implement a country-driven CHM project.
Implementation StatusThe following has been the achievements of the Kiribati NBSAP Add-on over the last quarter. (i) Establishment of Conservation Areas in Kiribati including the Phoenix Island Project. (ii) Production of lists of rare, depleted and endangered species (iii) Formulation of by-laws by Island Councils in support of conservation areas, marine and terrestrial. With the establishment of Conservation Areas the NBSAP Project enlisted the Phoenix Island Project as one of its major achievements. There are known conservation and reserves areas on some islands in the Gilbert Group, mainly Marine Park Areas. On the island of Kiritimati there are closed marine and terrestrial areas administered under the Fisheries and Environment Divisions. The production of species inventories together with information and data on biodiversity has contributed tremendously to capacity development of local communities.
GEF Project Grant
198,000 USD
GEF Grant
198,000 USD
Cofinancing Total
31,089 USD
Project Cost
229,089 USD
GEF Agency Fees
29,700 USD
GEF Project (CEO Endo.)
198,000 USD
Cofinancing Total (CEO Endo.)
31,089 USD
Project Documents

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