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Detail of GEF Project #2491

GEF Project ID2491
Funding SourceGEF Trust Fund
Project NameBuilding Local Capacity for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Okavango Delta
Focal AreaBiodiversity
Operational Program2
Pipeline Entry Date2004-05-10
PDF-B Approval Date2004-05-10
Approval Date2005-09-13
CEO Endorsement Date2006-02-17
GEF Agency Approval Date2006-03-24
Project Completion Date2011-03-31
Project StatusProject Completion
Executing AgencyMinistry of Wildlife Environment and Tourism
DescriptionThe long-term goal of the full project is: to secure the long-term sustenance of the biological diversity of wetlands in Botswana and contribute to the conservation of wetland biodiversity regionally and globally. The purpose is to put in place community and private sector-based adaptive management models for globally significant wetland ecosystems in the Okavango delta which will ensure the long-term sustenance of its biodiversity. To achieve this, the project will develop and dissemination of best management practices for conservation in the productive landscape. Activities would be implemented by the rural communities and tourism practitioners in collaboration with local and central government institutions. The PDF B grant and associated co-financing will fund the activities required to prepare the full Project, and to develop a proposal and ancillary documentation for submission to GEF. It will be based on extensive stakeholder participation, and will be designed to provide information to and generate awareness among stakeholders. The PDF B will have the following components. 1: Conservation needs assessment. 2: Institutional analysis - communities, local authorities, tourism operators 3: Sustainable use livelihood and commercial resource use assessment 4: Consensus building and participation planning 5: Preparation of Full Project Brief and Project Document
Implementation StatusThe project started in May 2006. After completion of the inception phase, including setting up of the project office, procurement of equipment and the recruitment of key project staff positions, The project has progressed well towards achieving its objectives. The following areas have especially demonstrated significant progress towards mainstreaming biodiversity management into productive activities: 1)Tourism; Private sector participation in training of tour guides in management of aquatic alien invasive species; commissioning of a consumer surplus study; and membership of the Tourism companies into the Okavango Fishers Association. 2) Systemic Capacity for Biodiversity Management; MoU concluded with the Tribal Land Board for support in integrating biodiversity into land allocation and lease requirements. The Tribal Land Board has also created a secondment post for a Biodiversity Specialist/Advisor. 3) Fisheries; the local Fishers Association has been re-constituted to also include the tourism companies (fishing lodges). Socioeconomic valuation of the fish resources has also been commissioned.
PDF B Amount
275,255 USD
GEF Project Grant
4,000,000 USD
GEF Grant
4,275,255 USD
Cofinancing Total
8,651,754 USD
Project Cost
12,927,009 USD
GEF Agency Fees
384,773 USD
GEF Project (CEO Endo.)
4,000,000 USD
Cofinancing Total (CEO Endo.)
12,143,125 USD
Project Cost (CEO Endo.)
16,418,380 USD
Project Documents

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