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Detail of GEF Project #2512

GEF Project ID2512
Funding SourceGEF Trust Fund
Project NameDemonstrating Sustainable Land Management in the Upper Sabana Yegua Watershed System
CountryDominican Republic
RegionLatin America and Caribbean
Focal AreaLand Degradation
Operational Program15
Pipeline Entry Date2004-05-19
PDF-B Approval Date2004-06-25
Approval Date2005-04-06
CEO Endorsement Date2005-09-21
GEF Agency Approval Date2006-02-01
Project Completion Date2011-10-31
Project StatusProject Completion
Executing AgencyFundacion Sur Futuro (NGO)
DescriptionThe project will facilitate sustainable land management in the Upper Sabana Yegua through the creation of policies, practices, and incentives for financially and environmentally sound activities in harmony with the recommended land use and bio-climatic conditions of the ecosystem. The GEF actions will remove the present barriers and establish the framework and mechanisms for effective long-term management, financing, and technical development for RDT-Sabana Yegua.
PDF B Amount
162,224 USD
GEF Project Grant
4,434,695 USD
GEF Grant
4,596,919 USD
Cofinancing Total
25,462,688 USD
Project Cost
30,059,607 USD
GEF Agency Fees
382,000 USD
GEF Project (CEO Endo.)
4,434,695 USD
Cofinancing Total (CEO Endo.)
25,462,689 USD
Project Cost (CEO Endo.)
30,059,608 USD
Project Documents

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