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Detail of GEF Project #846

GEF Project ID846
Funding SourceGEF Trust Fund
Project NameAlbarradas in Coastal Ecuador: Rescuing Ancient Knowledge on Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
RegionLatin America and Caribbean
Focal AreaBiodiversity
Operational Program1
PDF-A Approval Date1998-11-11
Approval Date2000-07-14
GEF Agency Approval Date2000-08-11
Project Completion Date2003-08-31
Project StatusProject Closure
GEF AgencyWorld Bank
Executing AgencyEscuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL) & Fundacion Pedro Vicente Maldonadoan an NGO member of the Ecuadorian Committee for the Defense of Natural Setting and the Environment (CEDENMA
DescriptionThis proposal combines archeology and ecology to develop an understanding of how ancient peoples in the coastal zone of Ecuador coped with the El Nino phenomenon. The move to adapt technologies to a more modern system could help to conserve the wild relatives more effectively. The objectives of this project are to: (1) increase the understanding about the technologies utilized by the ancient inhabitants of the region to sustainably use the biodiversity of the area in relation to El Nino events; and (2) conserve the wild relatives, traditional cultivars and wild races of crop varieties in this ecosystem.
Implementation StatusProject implementation is satisfactory. After 22 months of research, the Albarradas interdisciplinary project has completed about 80\% of its intended targets, showing ample new results on common property water management systems in coastal Ecuador. The GIS system has been completed and is fully operational, with several maps with socio-economic, archeological and vegetation covered already produced. A methodology to establish Albarrada construction chronology was prepared and applied in 4 new sites allowing to classify Albarradas constructed in Pre-Colombian times and more recent ones. The Botanical research continues the study on plant biodiversity in 267 Albarradas of Guayas and Manabi and has found differences in vegetal formations between costal and interior Albarradas.
PDF A Amount
25,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
725,000 USD
GEF Grant
750,000 USD
Cofinancing Total
2,357,500 USD
Project Cost
3,107,500 USD
GEF Agency Fees
146,000 USD
Project Documents

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