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Detail of GEF Project #957

GEF Project ID957
Funding SourceGEF Trust Fund
Project NameConservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and Adjoining Indigenous Lands
RegionLatin America and Caribbean
Focal AreaBiodiversity
Operational Program3
PDF-A Approval Date1999-07-03
Approval Date2002-10-03
GEF Agency Approval Date2003-09-09
Project Completion Date2007-09-01
Project StatusProject Completion
Executing AgencyFENAMAD (Indigenous Federation of the River Madre de Dios and Tributaries)
DescriptionThe project aims to conserve Amazonian forests in Amarakaeri Reserved Area (157,875 ha) and adjoining titled lands (419,139 ha) of the indigenous through legally established Communal Reserve by promoting Reserved Area, effectively managed by local indigenous communities, and effective alternative livelihood opportunities are developed for indigenous and immigrant resource extractive communities. There are approximately 1,500 indigenous people, and their traditional knowledge and practices for biodiversity conservation will be maintained. Ecotourism and natural medicines activities will be promoted as alternative livelihoods for them. For approximately 10,000 immigrants miners, loggers and agricultural settlers occupying lands on the edge of the RAA and the titled lands, the project will provide environmental education and training as well as create alternative livelihood projects.
Implementation StatusProject implementation commenced in earnest in 2005 with the project team fully conformed, a new coordinator on board and a consensus finally reached on the optimal project location. With the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve finally recognized, the project has focused the past quarters on establishing its management and decision-making structures. Indigenous communities residing in the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve reflect a keen sense of ownership towards the project and will be actively participating in the Reserve’s forthcoming Management Plan and financial sustainability strategy. Terms of Reference are being prepared for a variety of studies on eco-tourism potential and alternative livelihoods within the Reserve with corresponding analyses planned for early 2006.
PDF A Amount
25,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
964,010 USD
GEF Grant
989,010 USD
Cofinancing Total
891,679 USD
Project Cost
1,880,689 USD
GEF Agency Fees
146,000 USD
Project Documents

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