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Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

The Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) was established to support adaptation and technology transfer in all developing country parties to the UNFCCC.

The SCCF was established in response to guidance received from the seventh session of the UNFCCC COP in Marrakech in 2001. It is designed to finance activities, programs and measures related to climate change that are complementary to those funded through the climate change focal area of the GEF, under the following four financing windows:

  1. Adaptation to climate change;
  2. Technology transfer;
  3. Mitigation in selected sectors including: energy, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry and waste management; and
  4. Economic diversification.

Among these four windows, adaptation has the top priority. The present Strategy encompasses adaptation programming under the first two windows; the SCCF Adaptation Program (SCCF-A), and the Program for Technology Transfer (SCCF-B).

The SCCF holds considerable potential to address the adaptation needs of vulnerable countries worldwide. Unlike the LDCF, which is specifically dedicated to the urgent and immediate needs of the LDCs, the SCCF is open to all vulnerable developing countries. In addition, it may finance a wide range of concrete adaptation measures, over different time horizons. 


Accessing the SCCF Resources  

In response to COP guidance, the GEF Secretariat has developed a user-friendly guide on how to access SCCF resources. 


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