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GEF Strategies


GEF 2020: Strategy for the GEF

GEF2020 emphasizes the need for the GEF to support transformational change and achieve impacts on a broader scale. The strategy calls for the GEF to focus on the drivers of environmental degradation, and it addresses the importance of supporting broad coalitions of committed stakeholders and innovative and scalable activities. GEF2020 provides a path forward for the GEF to become a champion of the global environment.


Programming Directions(*)



Focal Area Strategies(*)


Strategies by individual GEF Focal Areas and Themes

Other Strategies




Focal Areas Strategies(*)(**)


Previous Strategies


 (*) The focal area strategies for GEF-4, GEF-5 and GEF-6 periods were developed with input from the STAP, the advice of technical advisory groups that included representatives of the convention secretariats and independent experts, GEF Agencies, GEF Council Members, country focal points, CSOs, and other stakeholders.
(**) With the start of the GEF-4 replenishment period the GEF has programmed resources according to a defined set of focal area strategies that set out priorities in each of the GEF’s focal areas and cross-cutting thematic areas of work.