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Day 1- Civil Society Forum Image
Development Marketplace 2009 Multimedia
Directora Ejecutiva y Presidenta Web Page
Draft CEO Report on Policies, Operations and Future Development of the GEF Council Document
Draft decision on Agenda Item 12. Process for selecting CEO/Chairman of the Facility Council Document
Fuel Cell Bus Image
GEF CEO Closting Remarks At Side Event COP9 Document
GEF CEO Introductory Remarks at the STAR meeting Document
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii Participates in the 2nd GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit News
GEF CEO Opening Remarks Document
GEF CEO Opening Remarks at the GEF 42nd Council Meeting Document
GEF CEO Opening Remarks at the Meeting with Parliamentarians Document
GEF CEO Opening Statement at Joint UNEP-GEF Press Event African Geothermal Document
GEF CEO Roundtable Keynote Introduction Document
GEF CEO Speech at 'Financement mondial du développement durable Document
GEF CEO Speech at Congression Photographic Exhibit Document
GEF CEO Speech at Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2009 Document
GEF CEO Speech at the GEF Honor Day - World Expo 2010 Shanghai Document
GEF CEO Speech at the NGO Consultation at the 36th Session of the Council Meeting Document
GEF CEO Speech at the Reception for World Expo 2010 Shanghai Document
GEF CEO Speech at Women in Agricullture and Resource Management Document
GEF CEO video message for Climate/Klima 2009 conferen Multimedia
GEF Council Consultation with CSOs GEF Events
GEF Evaluation Office: Progress Report from the Director Council Document
GEF Flag stands tall among more than 200 participants for the 2010 Shanghai Expo Image
GEF Honor Day Ceremony Image
GEF-5 Replenishment and Reforms News
Global Ocean Conference 2010 GEF Events
Inside the GEF booth on GEF Honor Day Image
International Tiger Conservation Forum GEF Events
Le directeur general et president Web Page
Letter of recommendation from the Heads of the three GEF Implementing Agencies on the Appointment of the CEO Council Document
Ministerial Dialogue on Business GEF Events
Ministerial Dialogue with Business CEO Image
Model of the Expo site and Fuel Cell bus routes Image
Monique Barbut at a GEF side event Image
Monique Barbut at the launch of the International Year of Forests 2011 Multimedia
Monique Barbut Biography Document
Monique Barbut Curriculum Vitae Document
Monique Barbut, 4th GEF Assembly Image