Title: Date
DID YOU KNOW that the Saiga Antelope is now extinct within China’s borders? 10/05/12
Full Assessment of the Amount of Funds Needed for the Implementation of the Convention for the 6th Replenishment Period of the Trust Fund of the Global Environment Facility 10/01/12
Guidance to the Financial Mechanism 10/01/12
Draft Decisions for the Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity 10/01/12
Report of the Global Environment Facility 10/01/12
DID YOU KNOW … the Convention on Biological Diversity Has Agreed on 20 Targets, aka Aichi Targets, to Achieve the Five Goals of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020? 09/28/12
DID YOU KNOW that although DDT is a cheap and fast method in wiping out the mosquitos that spread malaria, it is a serious threat to human health and environmental biodiversity? 09/26/12
DID YOU KNOW that within Asia, 59% of water-bird populations are declining? 09/21/12
Financing the Achievement of the Aichi Targets 09/21/12
DID YOU KNOW that the black rhino is critically endangered despite its ability to go without water for 4 days? 09/20/12
Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) 09/10/12
DID YOU KNOW of all environmental ills, biodiversity loss is the only one likely to be irreversible? 09/04/12
IUCN World Conservation Congress 08/16/12
DID YOU KNOW ... Damara tern(Sterna balaenarum) has become an icon of conservation of species on the Namibian coastline and in Namibia as a whole? 07/16/12
DID YOU KNOW ... traditional indigenous territories are estimated to cover around 24% of the world's land surface and contain 80% of the earth's remaining healthy ecosystems? 07/16/12
DID YOU KNOW ... 40% of the earth’s surface is comprised of ocean that no single nation has control over? 07/16/12
DID YOU KNOW ... South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region represents less than 0.5% of Africa but contains almost 20% of its flora? 07/16/12
Learning Missions 2011 07/02/12
From Rio to Rio - A 20-Year Journey to Green the World's Economies 06/19/12
XI - CBD COP 05/22/12
Removal of Invasive Alien Vertebrates from Islands as an Effective Tool to Prevent Extinction 05/21/12
Briefing on the GEF/FAO Program on Global Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) 05/07/12
Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund - Brochure 02/29/12
Familiarization Seminar - GEF Support to Biodiversity Enabling Activities 02/14/12
Familiarization Seminar - Biodiversity 02/14/12
IEO Paper: The Challenge of Biodiversity in Farming Practices as a Research Topic 02/14/12
Congress of International Society of Ethnobiology 01/11/12
Partnership for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development 12/06/11
Addo Elephant National Park 12/06/11
State of Biodiversity Markets 07/08/11
Biodiversity Markets: Challenges and Opportunities in the Developing World 07/08/11
Biodiversity Tracking Tool 05/12/11
GEF-3 Operational Program for Biodiversity (Archived) 05/11/11
BBL - WOW: The Wings Over Wetlands Project 05/05/11
Learning Missions Pilot Phase 2010 04/06/11
Application for Direct Access to the GEF trust fund for preparation of reports to Conventions in the Biodiversity focal area 04/06/11
GEF BBL: Lessons from almost two decades of access and benefit sharing through integrated bio-discovery using genetic resources 03/29/11
Biodiversity Program Study 2004 02/25/11
Ensuring biodiversity in a sustainable future: lessons from evaluations. Evaluation Cooperation Group Note. 2010 01/12/11
Defying Extinction - Partnerships to safeguard global biodiversity 12/07/10