Title: Date
Combatting Illegal Wildlife Trade 2015 10/05/15
GEF-6 Biodiversity Tracking Tool 06/25/15
BIODIV'2050 Resource Mobilization for Biodiversity and the Private Sector's Contribution 05/12/15
Argentina: Mainstreaming Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Production Practices of Small Producers to Protect the Biodiversity of High Value Conservation Forests in the Atlantic Forest, Yungas and Chaco 01/26/15
IUCN World Park Congress 2014 11/12/14
Poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade Crisis: The GEF response 10/21/14
Side Event 1 PPT 10/06/14
Building Capacity to Implement the Nagoya Protocol: A Review of GEF Support 09/25/14
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Practice - A STAP Advisory Document 09/16/14
The GEF-6 Biodiversity Strategy 09/12/14
GEF-6 Biodiversity Strategy 09/08/14
CBD COP 12 07/25/14
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Program 06/11/14
Ecosystem Services Tools and Lessons in Rural Communities for Mainstreaming Biodiversity 06/11/14
Strengthening the implementation of ABS regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean 06/11/14
DID YOU KNOW that many Manatee hunters in Nigeria have turned into fish-keepers? 04/07/14
Illegal Wildlife Trade Summit 02/10/14
World Migratory Bird Day 02/05/14
International Day of Forests and the Tree 02/05/14
World Wildlife Day 02/05/14
Private sector and Biodiversity-based Innovation: Looking Forward 10/10/13
Save Our Species (SOS) - Newsletter - Oct 2013 10/04/13
DID YOU KNOW that Mexico has the forth-highest number of fauna and floral species on the planet? 08/25/13
Impact Evaluation: GEF / UNDP Support to Protected Areas and Protected Area Systems 06/28/13
DID YOU KNOW that the Giant Ibis, once thought to be extinct was recently re-discovered in the Northern Plains of Cambodia? 05/23/13
DID YOU KNOW the communities in the Northern Plains of Cambodia earn thousands of dollars showing the same birds over and over again? 04/15/13
DID YOU KNOW that only 10 out of 14 sub-species of Galapagos Giant Tortoise remain on Earth? 03/26/13
DID YOU KNOW that the breeding success of spoon-billed sandpiper bird is about 0.66 young fledged per nest? 03/04/13
DID YOU KNOW that the lives of many rare species inhabiting in Kamchatka, Russian Far East, are threatened? 01/31/13
CBD Side Event Highlights Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas 01/02/13
Payment for Ecosystem Services 12/12/12
DID YOU KNOW that expanding the area of biological conservation can boost economic growth through tourism? 12/04/12
DID YOU KNOW that 41,000 magellanic penguins in Patagonia die each year for causes related to commercial fishing and oil pollution? 11/28/12
DID YOU KNOW ... that coral reefs are often destroyed with dynamite used for fishing purpose? 11/13/12
DID YOU KNOW that the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania are home to two endangered species, the Loveridge’s Sunbird and the Sanje mangabey? 11/01/12
DID YOU KNOW that the Pemba flying foxes (a species of bat), which used to be hunted and eaten widely, are now beloved by the Pemba islanders in Tanzania? 10/23/12
DID YOU KNOW ... that Lake Dianchi in China once proudly known as the “Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland” is now highly polluted? 10/17/12
Marine Spatial Planning in the Context of the Convention on Biological Diversity: A Study Carried out in Response to CBD COP 10 Decision X/29 10/12/12
Impact of Marine Debris on Biodiversity: Current Status and Potential Solutions 10/12/12
DID YOU KNOW … that delicious juicy tropical fruit trees in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are at risk? 10/10/12