Chemicals and Waste (old POPs)

Title: Date
GEF C&W Tracking Tools (Old POPs) 06/24/15
Consecutive and Joint Retreats of the GEF Secretariat and the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm Conventions and the Interim Secretariat of the Minamata Convention 01/17/14
Japan’s Technology can be applied for Mercury Pollution Control - GEF CEO on Nikkei Newspaper 10/10/13
Mercury and the GEF 10/07/13
Minamata Convention on Mercury 09/30/13
DID YOU KNOW that many healthcare facilities cannot afford to dispose their waste properly? 04/30/13
DID YOU KNOW that human milk samples can be used to measure POPs exposure to the general population? 04/23/13
2013 Chemicals and Waste COPs 02/05/13
GEF Mercury Factsheet 01/19/13
DID YOU KNOW ... that the entire district of Telenesti sent 400 tons of obsolete and prohibited pesticides to Ratus, a tiny village in Moldova? 10/19/12
DID YOU KNOW ... 500 tonnes of obsolete pesticides in Syria had been disposed of in 2010 thanks to GEF funding? 07/16/12
Mercury and the GEF 06/26/12
Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC8) 02/13/12
Selection of Persistent Organic Pollutant Disposal Technology for the GEF 11/23/11
Open Ended Working Group of the SAICM 11/16/11
Application for Direct Access to the GEF Trust Fund for preparation of reports to Conventions for Chemicals 06/23/11
GEF-3 Operational Program in Persistent Organic Pollutants (Archived) 05/11/11
Building Partnerships for Sound Management of Chemicals 04/19/11
Report of the GEF to the FIFTH Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants 03/24/11
Reducing the Human and Environmental Risks of Obsolete Pesticides 01/20/11
GEF-5 Chemicals Strategy 10/18/10
BBL on Global Mercury Cycling: Sources, Impacts, and Solutions 09/20/10
GEF POPs Tracking Tools 09/07/10
China workshop on new POPs 07/27/10
Global Healthcare Waste Project 07/21/10
GEF Persistent Organic Pollutants Fact Sheet 03/31/10
GEF BBL - The Perspective of Chinese Energy and Low Carbon Economy Policies 02/18/10
5th Meeting of the POPs Review Committee 02/18/10
2nd Session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management 02/17/10
GEF BBL: How the GEF can be complementary to the CDM? 02/17/10
Termiticides in China 02/02/10
PCBs in Former Soviet Republics 02/02/10
The Africa Stockpiles Programme 02/02/10
Cleaning Up in Cuba 02/02/10
GEF's Role in Support of the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention: Opportunities for Advancing Global Sound Management of Chemicals - Information Paper for the 2nd Session of the Preparatory Committee for the Strategic Approach to International Chem 02/02/10
Report by the Secretariat of the Global Environment Facility on its support for projects relevant to the implementation of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management 02/02/10
GEF work in support of the implementation of the Stockholm Convention 02/02/10
Report of the Global Environment Facility on its activities in support of the implementation of the Stockholm convention 02/02/10
Report of the Global Environment Facility to the fourth meeting of the COP of the Stockholm Convention 02/02/10
GEF-4 POPs Strategy 01/27/10