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Jamaica: Community Based Adaptation


As a small island developing state in the Caribbean, Jamaica faces significant climate change impacts, including:

- Increasingly intense hurricanes
- Sea-level rise, coastal erosion
- Saline intrusion into soils and aquifers
- Declining average precipitation
- Increasingly erratic and intense rainfall

Preparation, Adaptation and Awareness: Kiribati’s Climate Challenge


Implementing Agency: World Bank
GEF SPA Financing: $1,800,000

GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation

Country / Region : 

Signposts - GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation

Community - Based Adaptation Program in Namibia.

Implementing Agency: UNDP - Global Program
GEF SPA Financing: $5,510,516

In Namibia, the Community-Based Adaptation project “Approaching community adaptation to climate change holistically by using multiple coping strategies” is implemented through the partnership with the local NGO through a participatory process involving different sectors of the communities. As global climate change impacts become more eminent, one of the worst affected areas is Namibia...

Community- Based Adaptation Program in Kazakhstan - SPA

Implementing Agency: UNDP
GEF SPA Financing: $5,510,516

In Northern Kazakhstan, the Community-Based Adaptation project "Adaptation of farmers' agricultural practices in response to intensified climate aridity in Akmola Oblast" is located in the Arnasay settlement, which is 50 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Astana. The project site is the nation’s agricultural center, but its steppe ecosystem is fragile and subject to harsh weather conditions...

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