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Investing in Sustainable Transport and Urban Systems: The GEF Experience Publication
Advancing Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport through the GEF Publication
Approach paper to the Impact Evaluation on Climate Change Mitigation: Transforming Markets in Major Emerging Economies EO Document
BBL on Information and Tools to Assist in Clean Energy Decision Making GEF Events
BBL on The SEAF Cleantech Deployment Fund and Accelerating Clean Technology Deployment to Developing Countries GEF Events
C4C: Technology, Creativity, and Action - A Night at the Newseum GEF Events
CEN Webinar: Clean Tech Opportunities in South Africa GEF Events
Closing the Gap Publication
Council Approval of the March 2011 LDCF-SCCF Work Program Work Program Document
DID YOU KNOW ... 1.32 million tonnes of CO2 emissions will be reduced in Bangladesh during the 15-year expected service life of the newly implemented kilns, funded by the GEF? Did You Know
DID YOU KNOW ... GEF Solar Thermal Hybrid Project in Egypt increased the country’s capacity to generate renewable energy while reducing local and regional pollution? Did You Know
DID YOU KNOW ... production and sale of top-rated energy-efficient refrigerators has increased significantly from 36,000 units in 1999 to 4.8 million units in 2009? Did You Know
DID YOU KNOW ... public buses are major contributors to air pollution due to the large fleets, high engine power, large fuel consumption, long daily running distances, and congested roads in Beijing and Shanghai, the two biggest cities in China? Did You Know
DID YOU KNOW that green trucks have been introduced in China to respond to the increase in transport-based GHG emissions? Did You Know
FY14 Administrative Budget for the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund Council Document
GEF ECW Nairobi, Kenya GEF Events
Impact Evaluation: GEF Support to Climate Change Mitigation EO Document
Implementing the Poznan Strategic and Long-Term Program on Technology Transfer Publication
Investing in Energy Efficiency Publication
Investing In Renewable Energy The GEF Experience Publication
Joint Summary of the Chairs Council Document
Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Activities Publication
Management Response to the LDCF/SCCF Annual Evaluation Report 2014 Council Document
Manual for Calculating GHG Benefits of GEF Transportation Projects Publication
Operationalizing Support to the Preparation of the National Adaptation Plan Process in Response to Guidance from the UNFCCC COP Council Document
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Progress Report and FY 2014 Work Program and Budget for the Evaluation Office under LDCF and SCCF Council Document
Progress Report on the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund Council Document
Provisional List of Documents Council Document
Provisional List of Documents Council Document
Revised Methodology for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Benefits of GEF Energy Efficiency Projects (Version 1.0) Publication
Solar Thermal Energy Comes to Rajasthan Publication
Status Report on the Least Developed Countries Fund Council Document
Status Report on the Special Climate Change Fund Council Document
Sustainable Cities Publication
The GEF UNIDO Global Cleantech Programme for SMEs Publication
Tracking Tool for Climate Change Mitigation Projects Document
Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies Publication
Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies: The GEF Experience Publication
UNFCCC: Conference of the Parties Guidance and GEF Responses 20 Years Publication