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Flamingos Image
Flamingos nesting Image
Flax Image
Flying foxes: myths with more bark than bite News
Frigates Nesting Area Image
Full Assessment of the Amount of Funds Needed for the Implementation of the Convention for the 6th Replenishment Period of the Trust Fund of the Global Environment Facility Document
Gambia: Estonian experts sharing field monitoring techniques Image
Gaur Image
GEF 5 Biodiversity and SFM REDD+ Strategy Presented at the CBD COP10 News
GEF BBL- An African Perspective: Biodiversity and development in a post-Copenhagen world GEF Events
GEF BBL: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity and Green Economy Initiative GEF Events
GEF Collaborates on the Satoyama Initiative News
GEF Details Success Stories from Investments in Biodiversity 2010-2012 News
GEF Familiarization Seminar GEF Events
GEF Launches 2020 Strategy Effort to Focus on Long-Term Environmental Goals News
GEF Points to Positive Impact of Marine Programs in Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity News
GEF Strategic Program for West Africa (SPWA) Web Page
GEF Strengthens Financial Support for Efforts to Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade News
GEF-Funded Project Supports Harmonious Relationship Between Wildlife and IPs News
Gestion du portefeuille « Diversite biologique » - Outils de suivi Web Page
Giant Ibis Image
Global alliance of cities and governments to save biodiversity of the Mediterranean region News
Grass pea seeds Image
Green frog Image
Guidance to the Financial Mechanism Document
Hongo de la selva amazonica Image
Horse bean seeds Image
Horse bean seeds 2 Image
Horse bean seeds 2 Image
Hungary: Ecoturism site Image
Ibis Rice winnowing Image
Indigenous Ceremony Image
Intl' Day of Biodiversity GEF Events
Joining forces to protect one of the most valuable ecosystems in Latin America News
Kytalyk a wilderness zone Image
Laguna of Yaxha Image
Lake Khovsgol Image
Learning Missions Pilot Phase 2010 Document
Lithuania: Bird Ringing Image
Lithuania: Field research Image