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Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Practice - A STAP Advisory Document

The challenges confronting the conservation of the planet’s richness of life threaten to overwhelm our collective efforts to limit species loss and degradation of ecosystems and the services that they deliver. The foundation of biodiversity conservation for well over a century have been protected areas (PAs). While successful, they are increasingly vulnerable to land use changes taking place around them. In response to these trends, conservationists and international organizations have developed and actively supported a new biodiversity conservation paradigm: biodiversity mainstreaming.
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January, 2014

Croatia to Better Park Management to Preserve Biodiversity

Croatia’s parks and protected areas that cover 12% of the nation’s inland territory and 2% of its seacoast are facing the need for one integrated management system. For one of the most biologically diverse territories in Europe, the problem stemmed from the way these parks were disconnected from each other, with huge disparities in revenues and access to funding, multiple duplicated tasks and no savings from economies of scale.

The GEF Celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity

Today the GEF celebrates biodiversity worldwide by putting the spotlight on the protection of species and ecosystems in Small Island Developing States.

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