Press Release

Title: Date
World Mayors discuss Climate Change 10/02/13
Four African Nations Agree to Water Management Programme 09/18/13
Mexico to Host 5th Assembly of the Global Environment Facility 08/07/13
Pioneer Swimmer Lewis Pugh Unveiled as UN Environment Programme Patron for Oceans 06/27/13
Renewable Energy: World Invests $244 billion in 2012, Geographic Shift to Developing Countries 06/27/13
Climate Change, Water Shortages, Biodiversity Loss, will have Growing Impacts on Global Business: UN Report 06/27/13
Nations Pledge $198 Million for LDCF/SCCF Climate Change Adaptation 06/21/13
44th GEF Council Welcomes Mexico as Assembly Host; Adds Two New Agency Partners; Approves Work Program 06/20/13
GEF Council Welcomes Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Renowned Marine Ecologist and Advisor to President Obama, as Chair of GEF Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel 06/19/13
Renewable Energy: World Invests $244 billion in 2012, Geographic Shift to Developing Countries 06/18/13
World Wildlife Fund honors GEF-STAP Chairman Thomas Lovejoy 06/14/13
GEF CEO Urges Private Sector Engagement to Protect Global Environment 06/12/13
WB/CHILE: 2000 Rural and Indigenous Producers to Benefit from Sustainable Land Management 06/10/13
Humorous Water Conservation Video Takes Top World Bank/TVN Media Group Prize 05/31/13
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii Points to Urgent Need for Action for Health of Planet 05/22/13
Extraordinary UN Conference Takes Historic Strides to Strengthen Chemical Safety Globally 05/11/13
GEF Premieres Documentary Film "Mission: Planet De-Tox" at Geneva Chemicals Conference 05/08/13
Mission: Planet De-Tox Premieres 05/07/13
GEF CEO Joins in Launch of India Cleantech Program 05/03/13
On Earth Day 2013, GEF CEO Emphasizes Need for Transformational Change 04/23/13
GEF Reaches Half a Billion US Dollar Milestone Supporting Sustainable Forest Management Programs 04/09/13
GEF CEO: Transformational Change Needed to Address Climate Change Threat 03/20/13
GEF Given Funding Role in New Mercury Convention 01/19/13
Coastal Award 2012: Developing Ecotourism in Kepayang Island, Indonesia 01/03/13
New Report Unveils Innovative Approach To Saving Global Oceans 12/14/12
GEF CEO Launches Forum on Innovation and Partnership 12/05/12
Answering the SOS call from the wild: dolphins, rhinos, tigers and others to benefit from more funding 11/26/12
GEF CEO Urges Council to Embrace Transformative Change to Meet Global Environmental Threats 11/15/12
GEF Launches 2020 Strategy Effort to Focus on Long-Term Environmental Goals 10/17/12
New Toolkit from GEF and UNEP Will Assist Countries to Phase-out Inefficient Lighting 10/15/12
European Commission Joins Conservation and Social Impact Fund with $18 Million Euro Contribution 10/15/12
Future Policy Award 2012 goes to Palau 09/26/12
Experts Warn of Water Bankruptcy for Many Regions 09/24/12
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii Hails 25th Anniversary of Montreal Protocol 09/16/12
A 2020 New Vision for the GEF presented at the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Korea 09/10/12
China acknowledged the GEF for helping phase out Chlordane and Mirex, two POPs used for termite prevention and control 08/28/12
Dr. Naoko Ishii takes office as CEO & Chairperson of the GEF 08/01/12
Connect4Climate and MTV Launch "Voices4Climate", a Global Competition Focused on Youth, Technology, and Climate Change 06/27/12
GEF CEO Hails Promise of Joint Reporting, Synergies Among Rio Conventions 06/22/12
Links between nature, combating desertification and climate change to be enhanced 06/22/12