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Extraordinary UN Conference Takes Historic Strides to Strengthen Chemical Safety Globally News
Farming and Craft Fair at COP20 News
First of its kind instrument helps overcome financial barriers for Brazilian businesses to adopt energy efficiency measures News
Forest Protected Areas Critical For Slowing Climate Change News
Forests are key for high quality water supply News
Four African Nations Agree to Water Management Programme News
Future Policy Award 2012 goes to Palau News
Future Policy Award celebrates solutions to save oceans and coasts News
GEF 2009 Photo Contest News
GEF and CBD join forces to raise awareness for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity News
GEF and low-carbon cities of the future News
GEF and UNCCD Take Bold New Financing Action To Fight Soil Erosion News
GEF and UNEP: Greening the World Cup News
GEF and World Bank approve grant to provide electricity to rural villagers in LAO DR News
GEF Announces Approval of first project under Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund News
GEF Approves $35 Million to Create an Energy Efficiency Market in Chile News
GEF Approves New $90 million Grant Program for Global Partnership to Support Wildlife Conservation News
GEF BBL: IUCN: Finding Pragmatic Solutions to Environment and Development Challenges News
GEF BBL: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity & Green Economy Initiative News
GEF BBL: UNIDO and the GEF: Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change News
GEF Carbon Benefit Project offer innovative climate change solutions across complex landscapes News
GEF CEO Accepts Globe International Award News
GEF CEO Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of the Aichi Biodiversity Target Task Force News
GEF CEO Barbut: Earth Day a Reminder of the Need to Focus on Results News
GEF CEO Encourages Private-Sector Partnerships to Protect Tuna Fisheries in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction News
GEF CEO endorsed the project for Moldova to pursue environmental fiscal reform News
GEF CEO Hails Promise of Joint Reporting, Synergies Among Rio Conventions News
GEF CEO Joins in Launch of India Cleantech Program News
GEF CEO Launches Forum on Innovation and Partnership News
GEF CEO Monique Barbut Hosts Panel Discussion on Africa Land, Water and Forests News
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii addresses 2014 Delhi Sustainable Development Summit News
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii Hails 25th Anniversary of Montreal Protocol News
GEF CEO Underscores Importance of Working With Indigenous Peoples To Benefit Global Environment News
GEF CEO Urges Council to Embrace Transformative Change to Meet Global Environmental Threats News
GEF CEO Urges Private Sector Engagement to Protect Global Environment News
GEF CEO: Transformational Change Needed to Address Climate Change Threat News
GEF Council Approves $238 Million For Global Environmental Projects; Supports Funding to Protect Russia’s Big Cats; U.S. Joins GEF-Supported Mercury Convention News
GEF Council approves pathbreaking West Africa/Sahel integrated land use program advocated by African Union News
GEF Council Approves Proposal to Strengthen Network and Expand Access to Resources News
GEF Council Approves Record US$607 million Work Program News