Press Release

Title: Date
GEF CEO Accepts Globe International Award 06/16/12
GEF Participates in Launch of Green Industry Platform at Rio+20 to Strengthen Green Industries Internationally 06/16/12
Rio Conventions join forces for sustainable development and the future we want 06/13/12
CITES praises GEF for approving innovative rhino project 06/13/12
GEF Council Launches Accreditation of 11 Institutions, Including Civil Society Organizations, to Serve as GEF Project Agencies 06/08/12
GEF Council Approves Record US$607 million Work Program 06/07/12
World Bank, GEF Awarded U.S. Department of Treasury Honor for Helping Protect Amazon 06/07/12
GEF Council Names Dr. Naoko Ishii New GEF CEO 06/07/12
Future Policy Award celebrates solutions to save oceans and coasts 06/07/12
The Oceans Day at Rio+20 06/06/12
Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) 06/05/12
GEF CEO Underscores Importance of Working With Indigenous Peoples To Benefit Global Environment 05/21/12
The Rainforest Alliance Honors the Global Environment Facility 05/16/12
GEF EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea Exhibit Features East Asian Regional Partnerships to Protect and Enhance the Seas of East Asia 05/10/12
New Agricultural Biodiversity Project to Improve Nutrition and Food Security Worldwide 04/29/12
GEF CEO Barbut: Earth Day a Reminder of the Need to Focus on Results 04/20/12
Six countries bid to host the Green Climate Fund 04/16/12
Cameroon: GEF Grant to Achieve Sustainable Development for Local Communities in the Ngoyla-Mintom Forest 04/13/12
China: GEF Grants to Reduce Dioxins from Pulp Production and Facilitate Eco-Transport Development in City Clusters 04/02/12
Regional Workshop of the GEF Small Grants Programme for the Pacific Discussed Implementation Arrangements 03/15/12
GEF Publishes Report on Water and Global Security 03/14/12
Programs Must Recognize Links Between Women and Environment 03/08/12
Big boost for wildlife conservation: 23 new SOS projects 02/09/12
Theme of Future Policy Award 2012: Oceans and Coasts 02/06/12
GEF Announces Approval of first project under Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund 01/12/12
Developed nations make pledges for the least developed countries, signal confidence in Convention-created fund 12/10/11
IFC Report Finds Private Equity is Untapped Resource in Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change 12/08/11
GEF CEO Monique Barbut Hosts Panel Discussion on Africa Land, Water and Forests 12/08/11
South Africa to Phase Out Inefficient Lighting 12/07/11
GEF Participating in Climate Change Conference 12/02/11
Les membres du Conseil du FEM approuvent pour plus d'un demi-milliard de dollars de projets – soit le deuxième programme de travail le plus important de l'histoire du FE 11/11/11
GEF Setting in Motion the Protection of the Ocean Commons 11/10/11
GEF council members approve more than half a billion dollars worth of projects – the second largest GEF work program in its history 11/09/11
Lessons Learned: GEF Project Managers Celebrate Results and Mull Challenges 10/28/11
Plenty Done. Plenty to Do. The International Waters Conference Comes to an End 10/28/11
6th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference 10/17/11
Opening of the Regional Workshop of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Africa 09/21/11
GEF CEO Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of the Aichi Biodiversity Target Task Force 09/21/11
World Bank kicks off social media climate campaign with photo/video competition for African youth 09/15/11
Los genes de la naturaleza: una riqueza compartida 08/31/11