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GEF Council Decides to Broaden Agency Network News
GEF Council Launches Accreditation of 11 Institutions, Including Civil Society Organizations, to Serve as GEF Project Agencies News
GEF council members approve more than half a billion dollars worth of projects – the second largest GEF work program in its history News
GEF Council Names Dr. Naoko Ishii New GEF CEO News
GEF Council Welcomes Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Renowned Marine Ecologist and Advisor to President Obama, as Chair of GEF Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel News
GEF Earth Fund Board Holds Inaugural Meeting News
GEF Empowers Local NGOs to Protect Nature Reserves in the Seychelles News
GEF establishes a dedicated Trust Fund for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol News
GEF establishes the Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund News
GEF EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea Exhibit Features East Asian Regional Partnerships to Protect and Enhance the Seas of East Asia News
GEF for Sustainable Cities – New Global Program Launched to Develop and Manage Cities Sustainably News
GEF Funds Benin Energy Efficiency Project News
GEF Given Funding Role in New Mercury Convention News
GEF grant for efficient lighting in the city of Lome, Togo News
GEF Grant to Demonstrate Green Truck Technology to 500,000 Trucking Operators in Guangdong News
GEF Grant to Enhance the Environmental Performance of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators in Chinese Cities News
GEF Grant to Help Boost Energy Efficiency in Three Chinese Provinces News
GEF Grants Conservation International and World Wildlife Fund-US Direct Access to Environmental Funding News
GEF is Greening the Cocoa Industry in Ecuador News
GEF issues Statement of Commitments Stemming From Rio+20 Earth Summit News
GEF Joins Global Campaign Celebrating International Year of Forests News
GEF Joins Launch of S&P-IFC Carbon Efficient Index for Emerging Markets News
GEF Kicks-off its Sixth Programming Phase News
GEF Launches 2020 Strategy Effort to Focus on Long-Term Environmental Goals News
GEF Launches New Strategy to Address the Drivers of Environmental Degradation News
GEF launches process to strengthen partnership with Indigenous Peoples News
GEF Participates in Launch of Green Industry Platform at Rio+20 to Strengthen Green Industries Internationally News
GEF Participating in Climate Change Conference News
GEF Premieres Documentary Film "Mission: Planet De-Tox" at Geneva Chemicals Conference News
GEF Project to Boost Urban Housing Energy Efficiency News
GEF publication wins Creativity Award Competition News
GEF Publishes Report on Water and Global Security News
GEF Reaches Half a Billion US Dollar Milestone Supporting Sustainable Forest Management Programs News
GEF Setting in Motion the Protection of the Ocean Commons News
GEF Small Grants Programme Expands With Stronger Country-Driven Focus News
GEF Small Grants Programme launch its fifth phase in Asia News
GEF Stands Ready to Provide Financing, Knowledge and Solutions to Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Mercury News
GEF Strengthens Financial Support for Efforts to Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade News
GEF Support for Conserving Mangroves in India News
GEF supports Armenia's geothermal energy development News