Methodological Document

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CPE Country Environmental Legal Framework EO Document
CPE Evaluation Matrix EO Document
CPE Global Environmental Benefits Assessment Outline EO Document
CPE Guidelines on the Project Review Protocol EO Document
CPE Interview Guide EO Document
CPE Project Review Protocol EO Document
CPE Triangulation Analysis Method EO Document
Impact Evaluation of ODS Phase Out. Volume 1 EO Document
Methodological Challenges in Impact Evaluation: The Case of the Global Environment Facility EO Document
Methodology EO Document
OPS4-M13-Stakeholders Consultations Approach Paper EO Document
OPS4: M1-Terms of Reference EO Document
OPS4: M10-Approach to Learning and Science in the GEF EO Document
OPS4: M11-Country Case Studies and Field Visits Terms of Reference EO Document
OPS4: M12-Country Case Studies-- Selection Note EO Document
OPS4: M14-Protocol for Interaction with GEF Agencies EO Document
OPS4: M15-Protocol for Interaction with GEF Focal Points EO Document
OPS4: M16-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of International NGOs EO Document
OPS4: M17-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of National NGOs EO Document
OPS4: M18-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of Donor Countries EO Document
OPS4: M19-Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors: Terms of Reference EO Document
OPS4: M21-Comments of the Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors EO Document
OPS4: M3-Assessment of Quality at Entry of M&E EO Document
OPS4: M4-Assessment of Time Lags in PIF Clearance EO Document
OPS4: M5-Assessment of Cofinancing EO Document
OPS4: M6-Assessment of Quality of Supervision EO Document
OPS4: M7-Approach to Management Action Records EO Document
OPS4: M8-Approach to Project Classification EO Document
OPS4: M9-Approach to Terminal Evaluation Review EO Document
OPS4: Review of Outcomes to Impact (ROtI) Practitioners Handbook EO Document
RAF-MTR-Context and Methodology EO Document
Selection Process and Criteria for the GEF Country Portfolio Evaluations EO Document