Methodological Document

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CPE Country Environmental Legal Framework 02/02/10
CPE Evaluation Matrix 02/02/10
CPE Global Environmental Benefits Assessment Outline 02/02/10
CPE Guidelines on the Project Review Protocol 09/06/12
CPE Interview Guide 02/02/10
CPE Project Review Protocol 02/02/10
CPE Triangulation Analysis Method 09/21/10
Impact Evaluation of ODS Phase Out. Volume 1 02/03/10
Methodological Challenges in Impact Evaluation: The Case of the Global Environment Facility 02/03/10
Methodology 02/03/10
OPS4-M13-Stakeholders Consultations Approach Paper 02/02/10
OPS4: M1-Terms of Reference 02/02/10
OPS4: M10-Approach to Learning and Science in the GEF 02/02/10
OPS4: M11-Country Case Studies and Field Visits Terms of Reference 02/02/10
OPS4: M12-Country Case Studies-- Selection Note 02/02/10
OPS4: M14-Protocol for Interaction with GEF Agencies 02/02/10
OPS4: M15-Protocol for Interaction with GEF Focal Points 02/02/10
OPS4: M16-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of International NGOs 02/02/10
OPS4: M17-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of National NGOs 02/02/10
OPS4: M18-Protocol for Interaction with Representatives of Donor Countries 02/02/10
OPS4: M19-Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors: Terms of Reference 02/02/10
OPS4: M21-Comments of the Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors 02/02/10
OPS4: M3-Assessment of Quality at Entry of M&E 02/02/10
OPS4: M4-Assessment of Time Lags in PIF Clearance 02/02/10
OPS4: M5-Assessment of Cofinancing 02/02/10
OPS4: M6-Assessment of Quality of Supervision 02/02/10
OPS4: M7-Approach to Management Action Records 02/02/10
OPS4: M8-Approach to Project Classification 02/02/10
OPS4: M9-Approach to Terminal Evaluation Review 02/02/10
OPS4: Review of Outcomes to Impact (ROtI) Practitioners Handbook 02/02/10
RAF-MTR-Context and Methodology 02/04/10
Selection Process and Criteria for the GEF Country Portfolio Evaluations 02/02/10