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GEF-6 PIF Template – July 2014 Document
GEF-6 Project Agency Certification Template for GEF Financing Ceiling - August 2014 Document
GEFPPO Functions Document
Gender in LDCF and SCCF Document
Gender Policy PPt Document
Germany Comments IWP Feb. 2012 Document
GHG STC Document
Glossary of Terms and Descriptions Relating to the Accreditation of GEF Project Agencies Document
Guidance to the Financial Mechanism Document
History of the GEF and Institutional Structure - AU Seminar 2011 Document
ICT Forum Summary Document
Incremental Cost and Additional Cost Document
Informational Resources Document
Japan Comments IWP Feb. 2012 Document
Japan’s Experience can be Shared for Addressing Mercury Pollution - GEF CEO on Asahi Newspaper Document
Japan’s Technology can be applied for Mercury Pollution Control - GEF CEO on Nikkei Newspaper Document
Lebanon: Sustainable Land Management in the Qaroun Catchment Document
M & E Policy Document
Monique Barbut Biography Document
Monique Barbut Curriculum Vitae Document
Monitoring and Evaluation for Adaptation: the GEF experience Document
Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and other issues Presentation - Belize ECW Document
Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund - Brochure Document
NGO Network Presentation - Belize ECW Document
Política sobre Participación Pública en los Proyectos Financiados por el Fondo Para el Medio Ambiente Mundial (FMAM) Document
Politique sur la participation du public aux projets financés par le Fonds pour l’environnement mondial (FEM) Document
Poster Contest Disclaimer Document
Pre-PIF Process Presentation - Belize ECW Document
Programmatic Approach Presentation Document
Project Cycle and Review Document
Project Templates Document
Provisional Agenda Document
RBM Framework Document
Regional (Comoros, Mozambique, Tanzania): South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth Project 1 Document
Reports to the conventions -Agency Presentations - Belize ECW Document
Save Our Species (SOS) - Newsletter - Oct 2013 Document
SCCF- funded project in Ethiopia (UNDP) - "Coping with Drought and Climate Change in Ethiopia" Document
Side Event 1 PPT Document
STAP Presentation - Belize ECW Document
Statement of Commitments of the GEF for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) Document