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Nations Pledge $198 Million for LDCF/SCCF Climate Change Adaptation 06/21/13
5th Adaptation Fund Board Meeting 02/17/10
Accessing Funds under SCCF 06/22/10
Adaptation 11/24/09
Adaptation FR 04/13/10
Adaptation Fund Board: Fourth Meeting 02/19/10
Adaptation in SIDS 07/31/14
Adaptation Practitioners Day, Warsaw 12/17/13
Adaptation Practitioners Days 11/06/12
Adaptation: The GEF Experience 08/14/12
Adapting to climate change in Tuvalu 09/11/13
ARCHIVED - Accessing Funds under LDCF 06/21/10
Bangladesh wins the Earth Care Award 2012 for LDCF adaptation project 08/24/12
Cambodia - Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Programme for Climate Change within the Coastal Zone 11/29/12
China - Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change into Water Resources Management and Rural Development 02/03/10
Draft Adaptation to Climate Change Programming Strategy 11/03/09
ECW: Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island 11/23/11
Familiarization Seminar - Adaptation to Climate Change 02/14/12
Financing Adaptation 09/21/09
Financing Adaptation Action 01/12/10
Financing Adaptation Action 11/21/12
GEF Assistance to Address Adaptation 11/19/09
GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation 01/26/12
GEF's Engagement with the G20 Process 10/19/15
GEF-5 Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change 02/11/11
Governance of the Fund 06/22/10
Governance of the Fund 06/21/10
Green Economy and Adaptation in Rural Production Models Supported by the GEF in Latin America 06/11/14
IEO Paper: Building a Line of Defense against Climate Change 02/14/12
Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation into GEF Projects 11/03/09
India - Adaptation to Climate Change in Drought Stricken Areas in South India 11/28/12
Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island 03/06/12
July 2013 09/04/13
LDCF - Bhutan - Reducing Climate Change-induced Risks and Vulnerabilities from Glacial Lake Outbursts in the Punakha Wangdi and Chamkhar Valleys 02/03/10
LDCF - Djibouti - Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the most Vulnerable Coastal Zones 06/24/10
LDCF - Ethiopia - Promoting Autonomous Adaptation at the Community Level 06/24/10
LDCF - Haiti - Strengthening Climate Resilience and Reducing Disaster Risk in Agriculture to Improve Food Security in Haiti post-Earthquake 06/24/10
LDCF - Liberia - Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas to Climate Change Risks 06/24/10
LDCF - Liberia - Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change by Mainstreaming Adaptation Concerns to Agricultural Sector Development 06/24/10
LDCF - Malawi - Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (CARLA) 02/03/10