Title: Date
GEF's Engagement with the G20 Process 10/19/15
What Do We Know About Adaptation? 12/09/14
Samoa starts cross-sectoral response to climate change adaptation 11/12/14
Adaptation in SIDS 07/31/14
Green Economy and Adaptation in Rural Production Models Supported by the GEF in Latin America 06/11/14
Adaptation Practitioners Day, Warsaw 12/17/13
Adapting to climate change in Tuvalu 09/11/13
July 2013 09/04/13
Nations Pledge $198 Million for LDCF/SCCF Climate Change Adaptation 06/21/13
Cambodia - Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Programme for Climate Change within the Coastal Zone 11/29/12
India - Adaptation to Climate Change in Drought Stricken Areas in South India 11/28/12
Least Developed Countries Fund 11/21/12
Financing Adaptation Action 11/21/12
Adaptation Practitioners Days 11/06/12
Bangladesh wins the Earth Care Award 2012 for LDCF adaptation project 08/24/12
Adaptation: The GEF Experience 08/14/12
Preparation, Adaptation and Awareness: Kiribati’s Climate Challenge 08/02/12
LDCF - Sierra Leone - Integrating Adaptation to Climate Change into Agricultural Production and Food Security in Sierra Leone 07/31/12
LDCF- Tanzania - Developing Core Capacity to Address Adaptation to Climate Change in Productive Coastal Zones of Tanzania 07/31/12
Sketch of GEF climate change projects in FY 2012 07/30/12
Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island 03/06/12
Familiarization Seminar - Adaptation to Climate Change 02/14/12
IEO Paper: Building a Line of Defense against Climate Change 02/14/12
The Greenline - GEF Newletter 02/01/12
GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation 01/26/12
ECW: Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island 11/23/11
Statement of the Chairperson of the STAP to the LDCF/SCCF Council 11/02/11
Zimbabwe - Coping with Drought and Climate Change 11/01/11
Program Evaluation - Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) 10/24/11
Monitoring and Evaluation Policy for the Least Developed Countries Fund and Special Climate Change Fund 10/13/11
The Himalayan Meltdown: Climate Change Adaptation Project in Bangladesh 09/21/11
Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) Project to be adopted as a strategy within the Micronesian Challenge Framework 08/11/11
SCCF Success Stories 08/08/11
GEF-5 Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change 02/11/11
SCCF Climate Change Adaptation Project in the Philippines Begins Implementation 01/20/11
Samoa: GEF's impact in Community-Based Adaptation 11/17/10
LDCF - Samoa - Integration of Climate Change Risk and Resilience into Forestry Management (ICCRIFS) 06/24/10
LDCF - Rwanda - Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change by Establishing Early Warning and Disaster Preparedness Systems and Support for Integrated Watershed Management in Flood Prone Areas (Video available) 06/24/10
LDCF - Haiti - Strengthening Climate Resilience and Reducing Disaster Risk in Agriculture to Improve Food Security in Haiti post-Earthquake 06/24/10
LDCF - Djibouti - Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the most Vulnerable Coastal Zones 06/24/10