Tracking Tools

Portfolio monitoring tools are intended to roll up indicators from the individual project level to the portfolio level and track overall portfolio performance in focal areas. Each focal area has developed its own tracking tool to meet its unique needs. Agencies are requested to fill out at CEO Endorsement (or CEO approval for MSPs) and submit these tools again for projects at mid-term and project completion. The overall approach for capturing data and reporting to the GEF Secretariat will be uniform across all focal areas, based on the GEF M&E Policy.

GEF 3,4,5 Tracking Tools GEF 6 Tracking Tools 
Biodiversity Tracking Tool  Biodiversity Tracking Tool
Land Degradation Tracking Tool  Land Degradation Tracking Tool
Climate Change Mitigation Tracking Tool  Climate Change Mitigation Tracking Tool
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Tracking Tool   Chemicals and Waste Tracking Tool
GEF International Waters Tracking Tool 
Climate Change Adaptation Tracking Tool 
GEF Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) / REDD + Tracking Tool