Best Practice Networks for Industrial Energy Efficiency

February 4, 2009

The Global Environment Facility invites you to the Brown Bag Lunch presented by Dr. Julia Reinaud from the Industrial Energy Efficiency Best Practice Network ClimateWorks Foundation

Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Time: 12:30-1:30 PM
Venue: 1776 G Street, NW, Washington D.C, 20433, 6th floor
Conference Room G6-151


ABSTRACT: ClimateWorks is a new global philanthropic network organized to win the battle against climate change. Its goal is to ensure that global average temperatures do not increase by more than 2oC—a threshold many scientists describe as a dangerous tipping point. ClimateWorks’ method is to work in the top-emitting nations to build low-carbon energy policies and to reduce the rate of deforestation in the world’s largest, most threatened tropical forests. The challenge is to quickly disseminate knowledge—a combination of smart policy and cutting-edge technologies—around the globe.


ClimateWorks will help spread innovative solutions to pressing energy challenges through Best Practice Networks (BPNs), one of the network’s institutional pillars. BPNs will put world-class knowledge to work where it matters most by connecting top researchers and technical experts with policymakers, regulators, and local practitioners. BPNs are vehicles for collecting, developing, and distributing sector-specific best practice information—all in real time. They provide critical assistance to key decision makers globally, with an emphasis on ClimateWorks’ priority countries and regions. BPN staff regularly engage with government agencies and ministries around the globe, offering first-rate technical advice at every level of policy development. ClimateWorks envisions up to 10 BPNs, including: vehicle and fuel standards; transportation systems and urban planning; building codes; appliance standards; electric utilities; carbon capture and sequestration; and industrial efficiency.
Dr. Julia Reinaud will share his experiences and visions on this initiative.

If interested in attending to the event, please contact Ms. Monica Fernandes,, Tel. 202-473-9647