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Feature Story

Drought, rising temperatures, and extreme weather pose risks to Lesotho

July 30, 2020

Technical staff demonstrate to community members how to use GIS maps for land use planning
Photo: RVCC project

Living in the Lesotho mountainlands comes with more than its fair share of rigors, and small-scale farmers like Mrs. Maitumeleng Mabaleka struggle to survive. Land degradation and climate change have upended traditional agricultural practices for her and many others like her who struggle to make a living or grow enough food to feed their children and build a better future.

With the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funding from the GEF, the Government of Lesotho is building innovative incentive programs through the Reducing Vulnerability from Climate Change (RVCC) project.

These incentives allow farmers to rehabilitate and protect their environment and foster climate-resilient agricultural methods that will transform the way they plant crops, raise livestock, and manage their natural resources.