Press Release

GEF 2009 Photo Contest

January 6, 2009


The Global Environment Facility invites you
to participate in the 2009 Photo Contest 

In its effort to create awareness on all the different ways in which we can help to protect our planet, the GEF is looking for photos that portray human effort to protect our environment and mitigate and adapt to the changing climate.

The photos will be divided in three categories:


- PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT: How does our lifestyle and work impact our environment?

- WILDLIFE: How are flora and fauna affected by human intervention?

- CLIMATE CHANGE: This is a broader category. The subject is open and the picture can portray people, landscapes, animals, vegetation, technology that can communicate the concept of mitigating and/or adapting to a changing climate.

Deadline for Submission: All entries must be received by June 15, 2009.

Rules and Procedure for Submission - Photo Contest Official Entry Form