GEF BBL: UNIDO-ICHET support to Hydrogen Energy Implementation in Developing Countries

May 21, 2009

The GEF invites you to attend at the next event of the GEF Brown Bag Lunch Series

Speaker: N. Lymberopoulos, Director, Projects and Programmes
International Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies

 Moderator: Dimitrios Zevgolis
Program manager, GEF Climate Change and Chemicals

Thursday,  May 21
12:00 - 1:30 PM

GEF Secretariat Main Conference Room (G6-151)
1776 G Street NW, Washington DC
Food and Drinks will be served

ABSTRACT: The UNIDO-International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies was established in 2004 with the mission of demonstrating viable implementations of hydrogen energy technologies and facilitating their use in developing countries. UNIDO-ICHET is a UNIDO project, 100% funded by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.


To achieve its mission, UNIDO-ICHET uses the following instruments:

  • - Pilot projects
    - Applied R&D
    - Education, training
    - Consulting, Networking, provision of technical expertise

The realization of pilot projects is facilitated through a framework for supporting pre-feasibility studies (10,000 US$, 100% funding) following a proposal evaluation procedure. Further more, selected pilot projects can be founded by up to 50% of the total budget and to a limit of 500,000 US$. Targeted countries for such projects are Turkey, India, S. Africa, S. Pacific islands.

In terms of Applied R&D, UNIDO-ICHET has established laboratory facilities for the testing of PEM fuel cells and for analytical capabilities in hydrogen production and storage research. The same facilities are used for training purposes for visiting scientists from developing countries.


Other areas of interest include H2 production through photochemical and biomass & waste gasification in aqueous phase, microbial electrolysis routes and hydrogen fueled ICEs. These are covered through collaborations with universities and industries.

Support is provided to selected industrial partners in Turkey for developing products or for early demonstrations including a H2 forklift, a H2 sea bus, FC cars and mini buses, H2-based UPS systems.

Hydrogen islands are promoted by UNIDO-ICHET as ideal early markets for the implementation of H2 energy technologies. Besides supporting an international network of interested stakeholders, ICHET is supporting a “hydrogen island” pilot project on the island of Bozcaada, Turkey.

Further to the above, UNIDO-ICHET is supporting national governments providing expertise in setting their H2 strategies (e.g. S. Africa) and is also organizing workshops and educational events in promoting H2 energy technologies for the developing world.

ICHET is a member of the European N-ERGHY Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen. It has also initiated the procedure for UNIDO to become a member of the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement, representing it in the ExCo and the various Annexes.