Launch of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative

October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010 - Nagoya, Japan


The Satoyama Initiave

The launch event on the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative was held today at the CBD COP10 in Nagoya, Japan. The partnership is an international platform for all organizations engaged in integrating conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in production landscapes, including forests and agricultural lands. These landscapes, and the sustainable practices and knowledge they represent, are increasingly threatened in many parts of the world due to urbanization, industrialization, and changing patterns of rural populations. In addition to improving the sustainability of protected area systems, measures are required to promote and strengthen the conservation of globally significant biodiversity in landscapes outside of protected areas, including through a broader global recognition of their value.

Based on its past and ongoing support towards mainstreaming biodiversity in production landscape, the GEF has joined the partnership as its founding member.

During her intervation, Yoko Watanabe, Program Manager on Biodiversity of the GEF Secretariat noted that the GEF Biodiversity focal area has been providing substantial investment in protected areas management and other conservation and sustainable use initiatives. Mainstreaming biodiversity in production landscapes is a key program within the GEF Biodiversity focal area. The GEF-5 Biodiversity Focal Area Strategy, together with other ongoing partnership programs, including the GEF Small Grants Programme and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, continue to focus on mainstreaming biodiversity in the production landscape/seascape and sectors.


Hideki Minamikawa, Ministry of the Environment of Japan


The event webcast is available online - click here!!


Between fiscal year 2002 to 2010, the GEF has supported total of 188 projects in more than 100 countries, with GEF grant of total $877 million on projects related to mainstreaming biodiversity. These projects have also mobilized additional cofinance of approximately $4 billion. Through these projects, the GEF has supported total of 265 million hectare lands to integrate biodiversity-friendly practices. The GEF-5 biodiversity strategy continues to provide focus on mainstreaming biodiversity, particularly through strenghening related policy and legislation; and fostering biodiversity-friendly goods and services.

The GEF Secretariat and the Japan Ministry of Environment are working on a Memorumdom of Understanding to collaborate on the Satoyama Initiative. It recognizes that the GEF possesses a comprehensive package of financial options that can further the goals of the Satoyama Initiative. Based on the MOU and through the International Partnership for Satoyama Initiative, the GEF will facilitate the use of its grant modalities, including the enabling activities, Small Grants Programme, and medium and full size projects, as leveraged opportunities for activities related to the Satoyama Initiative, provided they are eligible under the GEF-5 Biodiversity Focal Area Strategy, and attend to country needs and priorities. The GEF will also share its lessons and expereinces from its investment in mainstreaming biodiveristy in production land/seascaoes and sectors.

Watanabe noted that the GEF looks forward to the collaboration with the 51 entities that have joined the international partnership for Satoyama Initiative today, and further explore collaboration for implementing the Satoyama Initiative and carry out related activities.


Yoko Watanabe, GEF   Mari Christine, Goodwill Ambassador for UN-HABITAT



Photo Credits IISD Reporting Service