LDCF - Bhutan - Reducing Climate Change-induced Risks and Vulnerabilities from Glacial Lake Outbursts in the Punakha Wangdi and Chamkhar Valleys

October 4, 2007

GEF Agency: UNDP
Executing Agency: Department of Geology and Mines (DGM); Ministry of Trade and Industry
LDCF Grant: $3,625,050
Co-financing: $3,486,224


The NAPA for Bhutan highlighted the country’s vulnerability to glacial lake outbursts. As water levels increase, critical thresholds could be reached, causing catastrophic flash floods downstream into the valleys. Such massive flash floods pose a major threat to life as well as infrastructure and economy in the affected valleys. As a follow up to the NAPA, Bhutan has requested financing through the LDCF aimed at reducing Bhutan’s vulnerability to glacial lake outbursts. This project has a two-pronged strategy: first, physical measures to artificially lower the water level of critical glacial lakes will be implemented and, second, capacities for responding to and predicting disasters will be increased through targeted disaster risk management development and installation of early-warning systems.