LDCF - Liberia - Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change by Mainstreaming Adaptation Concerns to Agricultural Sector Development

June 21, 2010

GEF Agency: UNDP
Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture
LDCF Grant: $2,381,500
Co-financing: $6,080,000

Despite recent substantial recovery and development efforts after many years of conflict and humanitarian emergencies, Liberia still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The country’s main focus has been to drive economic growth through its agricultural sector, which has and continues to be negatively affected by impacts of climate change. Liberia’s agriculture has been experiencing lower yields and higher degrees of vulnerability and uncertainty caused by reduced soil moisture, changes in rainfall patterns, increased flooding, and increased salinity. Thus, the government of Liberia seeks the support of the LDCF as a part of its National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA).

This project’s objective is to increase the resilience of Liberia, a poor, agriculturally-dependent country, and to decrease vulnerability of the agricultural sector to climate change. The project has two major components: to strengthen individual and institutional capacity to better manage the effects of climate change in the agricultural sector and to reduce vulnerability by providing innovative, socially sustainable and appropriate adaptive measures piloted at the community level.