LDCF - Liberia - Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas to Climate Change Risks

June 5, 2010

GEF Agency: UNDP
Executing Agency: Ministry of Land, Mines, and Energy
LDCF Grant: $2,900,000
Co-financing: $4,653,420

The Liberian coast has been subject to serious erosion and storm damage at many points. Abrasive currents, high energy wave patterns and storm surges combine to create serious levels of coastal erosion. Forecasted global climate change, leading to rising sea levels and increased intensity of storms, is predicted to accelerate at the present catastrophic situation of coastal erosion. The anticipated impacts are potentially disastrous, and are likely to include: the exacerbation of poverty, the destruction of rural infrastructure (markets, roads, centers, clinics, etc.), and the destruction of land and livelihood equipment (boats, mobile market stands, stoves, etc). These factors are to affect the most densely populated areas and the lives of large numbers of poor people.

In response, this LDCF project will demonstrate low-medium costs measures for protecting coastal areas against erosion and climate change. The projection measures will be constructed through a participatory and capacity-development process. Focused at the community level, three specific areas will develop the capacity to protect their coast through this project. In addition, at the county and national levels, the enabling environment to sustainably manage and protect coastal resources will be enhanced, improving areas such as sectoral reform, policy reform, strengthening institutions and encouraging education.